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Just how do I design if not with prototyping?
An excellent question. The short answer is “on paper”.

(Alan Cooper)

Pierre Celimene


Who am I? A French student with a dual academic competence - EMLYON Business School (Business-oriented university) with a major in Business Development & Strategy and Centrale Lyon (Engineer-oriented university) with a major in Computer Science. As a self-educated graphical & web designer, I chose to focus on the User Experience of the products I work on.

I would like to change the world, but I am still failing to find the source code.

User Experience


The way I see User Experience involves the user's behavior, attitude & emotions regarding a product or service; the combination of these three aspects creates what we call a “User Experience” — a subjective & personnal point of view while using a product or service.

How I Work



How I Work

User Experience is often seen as a process, while I consider it as a result : working on User Experience involves working on Design, Interface, Interaction, Content, Usability, Development, User's Psychology, Marketing, Business Strategy etc. Everything that impacts what the user does with the product and how he perceives it is part of the User Experience; the result is a product that will either be remembered forever, or forgotten in a minute.

I try to create the best User Experience possible by understanding the End User, who he is and how he thinks, what can disturb him and what he is used to. Once I know that, I can start the creation process, hopefully resulting in a product the End User can identify with.



When it comes to create or improve a product, the very first thing I do is research who the End User is, and how he will interact with the product. This process implies both human & business understandings, to innovate in the way the End User wants it, often without even knowing it.


The storyboard visually represents the whole app/website process & use cases by representing the interactions & links between the different screens & steps. Many digital storyboard tools exist on the web; however, I never found one more efficient to me than a piece of paper & a pen.


While the storyboard represents the links between the differents steps of the app/website, the wireframe represents how each of them is supposed to be structured to make the information easily reachable. Once again, my favorite tools are a piece of paper & a pen, which allow more customisation and interaction between me and my customers/partners than any digital tool I tried to work with so far.


This is it. Once the “End User” is clearly defined, the process is validated, and wireframes are satisfying, it is time to make it look beautiful and enjoyable to use. “User Experience” is often reduced to this single step, because it is the moment when the final interface is created. The End User is in direct contact with the result of this step, which can be seen as the conclusion of the creation process.




User Experience skills


Even though designing a User Experience is mostly a technical role, I think one of the main values of a UX-Designer is to be found in the ability to understand business strategies & issues, in order to take them into account while defining the product's requirements. UX without business strategy is nothing but beautiful (or not) drawings.

But on the other hand, designing a User Experience requires a lot of creativity when it comes to finding ways to structure and design a new product. The point is that creativity can only be useful if it is structured : good understanding of the end user is necessary, but technical skills in Design & Development are also essential for it is impossible to innovate without knowing how to do so.

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