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   03 July 2014 |    Project: CamTrackr |    Posted by: Pierre Celimene


CamTrackr is a video enrichment solution based on mobile and desktop applications: augment your videos by adding information such as speed, altitude, GPS position, distance, and much more stats. In this project, I am in charge of the whole User Experience : mobile app, desktop app, and future website.

The mobile app is essential to track the user moves while he films his performance with his camera. The process must therefore be very simple, since the app is supposed to work all by itself without any interaction during the performance.


Before creating the mobile app, we had to analyse the potential competitors and understand who are our main users. This process helped us structure the mobile app, and lead us to the “extreme sports” ambience of the whole solution (even though our main user does not practice extreme sports, he wants to have the impression that he is doing awesome stuff).